Rosehip & Wild creates all prints in house and produces all products in England. Our fabric prints always start from paper illustrations, beginning from artwork, initially involving pressed botanicals and hand craft techniques to various hand drawn illustrations.

Our prints are available on a selection of silks, cottons and linens. Our style is young and fresh, referencing nature, wild hazy island vibes to bright lush botanicals. Evoking emotions and nostalgia with wild English flowers, exotic plants and hand printed traditional patterns.

Our first collection we named Flower Storm. We wanted to create a pretty, yet wild, English garden print all made from pressed flowers from the countryside. We have South African and Caribbean Island roots within the RAW team, which led to the country garden with a slight twist – throwing simple bold bolsters and dashes of colour into the collection.

Our next collection conjures warm summer relaxed vibes, sun drenched prints in washed out tones and twilight sunset hues.

We have just launched RAW Project, a print and handbag collection based on our popular Tribal dolls which are stocked in the Aram store. Our prints are originate from the block stamp method used on the wooden Tribal dolls. Our handbags have a strong identity combining print with a Tribal city theme.



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